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Practicalities Thinking it Through Some Basics 

  • A useful starting point is ‘Where would we go if we didn't have children?' Although there is a good argument that you need to cater to the youngest member of the party first and then work upwards, it is also important to look after the parents. If you don't get a real break, you aren't getting the chance to recharge and look after your family. A compromise including at least some of what you want can usually be reached.

  • It is worth bearing in mind that what children need will change as they grow. What worked last year will not necessarily this. It is also true that what didn't work last year may do so now everyone is a year older.

  • If in doubt book for just one week rather than longer. Then at least if it goes wrong you will have holiday left over for something else.

  • Above all, be realistic about what you will actually manage. Unless you are going for somewhere with childcare, you will be on duty as much as at home and in some cases more as you get used to the dangers in unfamiliar surroundings.

(updated 15 April, 2006)

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