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Practicalities Thinking it Through Making the Choice 

It is not a good idea to rely on just a brochure when it comes to deciding which is the right holiday for you. If you are simply choosing between resorts a selection of brochures should offer photographs giving a decent overall picture of what it's like.

If you are going for something more than that, contact the tourist office and ask for relevant information, though again, this should not be totally relied upon. If they can't provide what you need, ask for a contact e-mail for the region so you email for the information or advice you want.

In the UK ask for activities for local children. Overseas bear in mind that, even if highlighted, children's activities will generally be in the local language.

Tripadvisor is helpful, but again not totally reliable. This is less because the places mentioned place their own false postings and more because people's opinion about what is good varies wildly. Do you agree with everyone about which films you like? If you don't, it's unlikely you will agree with their views about holidays.

(updated 15 April, 2006)

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