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Who We List and Why

Travel agents rarely know much about holidays for families, and in some cases not much about holidays at all. What is more, their recommendations are driven by all kinds of hidden commissions, pushing you towards a holiday which may not suit you at all.

People who are serious about travel work for tour operators. That means tour operators, and particularly specialist tour operators, are the ones who can answer your nitty gritty questions about anything from the safety of the accommodation to the weather. One South American specialist offers staff with a total of 300 years of experience in the subject. It would take a lot of research on the Internet to dig up that level of knowledge yourself.

Closer to home we do the research ourselves - we inspect all the hotels and b&bs we recommend in reports on Britain and France. Further afield we carry out our own inspections but also refer you to the most helpful specialists and highlight what they might be able to offer you.

We include holiday options right across the range of budgets but don't promote one type over another.

Where possible we avoid detailing very glossy operations, where the holidays are often no different from those sold more cheaply elsewhere. We don't cover the big name cheap and cheerful brands either, partly because we know these aren't the kinds of holidays subscribers want, but also because the extras in their pricing system make them much more expensive than they appear at first sight.

Extra Information

Reports assume that you will be getting a good guidebook to your destination with information on things like opening times, but our destination reports do include pointers on all the main attractions for children and families.

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