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106 Avro House,
Havelock Terrace,
London SW8 4AS
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tel: (0870) 600 1601

Set up by Pan Am pilots in 1989, ‘America's Leading Source of Travel Supplies', says the brochure strap line. The company makes a point of offering phone help and advice on what to buy, reporting that every item is thoroughly tested by travel experts. In addition there's a money back guarantee if you are not happy with what you have chosen.
Aimed less at the adventurous traveller, this is a good place to find stuff to make the trip more comfortable. There are lots of systems for packing more tidily, including hanging washbags, security items like a door jammer for your hotel door, items called Tush Wipes which are flushable and biodegradable, stain removers, unbreakable containers for toiletries, and the like.


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